Welcome to Mustaches for Kids – Nashville

Mustaches for Kids is what happens when absurdity meets philanthropy.  What we do is simple. We shave clean and then for thirty days we grow mustaches. Just mustaches. No goatees, beards, or mutton chops. Just the stache! While we do so we hit up our friends and family for donations to a local children’s charity. Check back in July for more details on how you can join us.

There are Mustaches for Kids Chapters across America and we are just starting M4K Nashville so come join us!!! LET’S GROW THIS!

About Us

M4K Nashville is brand new in 2021 and our newly formed Board of Directors is excited to bring sexy back to Nashville.

Connect With Us

Reach out to us via Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. We would love to hear from you and start you on your journey raising a ton of cash for a kids charity.

Charity Partner

Our 2021 inaugural Charity Partner is High Hopes Development Center in Franklin, TN. This wonderful organization provides preschool, daycare, and therapy to kids with special needs.