2023 Events

11/2/23 – Clean Shave kick off event @ Coaltown Public House in West Haven 6:30p-8:30p Come learn more about M4K mission, hear from our Charity Partner and the important work they do for kids in our community.  All growers are welcome but first time growers should do their best to be there to learn how everything works.  

11/9/23 – 1st Checkpoint @ Mill Creek Brewery in Nolensville 6:30p-9:00p. Wear your Grower Shirt and let’s play some trivia!!!  Buddies and significant others are welcome to attend

11/16/23 – 2nd Checkpoint @ Sticks N Stones Axe Throwing in Franklin. 6:30p-8:30p Come throw axes with your new best friends. Buddies and significant others are welcome to attend.

11/23/23 – It’s Thanksgiving!!! Go be with your family and tell them why you’re growing a sweet mustache.

11/30/23 – Stache Bash @ Party Fowl in Cool Springs.  6:30p-9:00p.  At this event we will celebrate what we all accomplished, hand out awards to growers and announce the total funds raised.  It is a Boots N Bowtie Themed event.  No tuxedos (unless you are dying to wear one), you bring your own version of Boots N Bowties. Crazier the better. 

These meetings are by no means mandatory but they are encouraged.  By showing up and meeting other growers, you’ll be able to share and learn what’s working and what’s not in our fund-raising efforts, network, and meet other growers.  Plus, it always draws attention when 20-30 dudes show up at a venue all sporting mustaches.  Talk about a recruiting opportunity!!!